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Professional Ant Pest Control In Baltimore – What Residents Should Know!

The ant is a member of the Formicidae family. The ant species include the acrobat, Argentine, ghost, pavement, thief, velvety tree, white-footed, big-headed, Allegheny mound, acrobat, and citronella. Ant sightings in Baltimore include both indoor and outdoor. There are around 12,000 ant species that have been identified to date. The ant’s physical characteristics include a tri-segmented body, held together by tiny joints, that range between black, reddish/brown, and brown.

The ant utilizes its mandible to erect nests and underground tunnels, as well as gnaw through damaged wooden structures like fence posts, deck railing, porches, and tree stumps.

Why Is My Baltimore Home Infested With Ants?

The ant is a notorious household pest, especially during the late spring and summer seasons. The ant colony is comprised of workers, the queen, swarmers (winged ants), soldiers, and wingless ants. Each member has a list of duties that play a role in the survival and functionality of the colony. However, the swarmer ant plays a role in building new colonies. Swarmers spent most of their time caring for the young and the queen until it is time to leave the colony to build a new one. Adult female swarmers make their exit during the breeding season. They mate with adult males, find an available nest to deposit their eggs to start a new colony.

The queen ant cares for her larvae until they mature into adult workers, which will take over the responsibilities of the colony.

Should I Worry About My Children With A Full-Blown Ant Infestation?

No, ants do not transmit diseases to adults, children, or animals. However, they have been associated with foodborne illnesses due to contaminated food and water. The ant ingests contaminated food along its journey, which is later deposited on surfaces utilized for food preparation. The contaminated fecal material can also be deposited in the home’s food supply, resulting in foodborne illness symptoms, such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The only way to avoid foodborne illness with an ant infestation is a secure storage system utilizing glass and BPA-free plastic containers with lids.

What Is The Best Pest Management Strategy For Ant Infestations?

Ant infestations are comprised of two colonies – main and satellite. When it comes to ant infestations, professional pest management is a necessity. Our industrial-strength pesticides and insecticides are strong enough to wipe out an entire ant infestation in two treatments. We combine the industrial-strength pesticide with regular visual inspections to ensure the maximum results.

Will DIY Pesticides Impact A Full-Blown Ant Infestation?

No, over-the-counter pesticides are low-strength formulas that will only eradicate a few ants simultaneously. If your goal is full ant eradication, you must opt for professional pest management with regular visual inspections and industrial-strength pesticide.

If you prefer eco-friendly pest management to chemical-based, do not hesitate to inquire about our organic and natural treatments. All of our professional pest control products are industrial-strength formulas.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Baltimore Home To Conduct The Ant Inspection?

We can process your ant inspection request within 24 and 48 hours in most cases. Our customer support team works extended hours to deliver the top pest management service in Baltimore to all consumers. Our pest inspection is free via appointment only.

Will Professional Pesticides Put My Children’s Health At Risk?

No, our protocol requires the impacted home to be vacant before treatment is initiated. We give our clients advanced warnings to ensure they are fully prepared to vacate their home with little to no inconvenience. We understand you want to get on with your life, but this will not be possible as long as your home is infested with ants.

Household members with respiratory disorders will be asked to vacate the home for at least 24 hours. Upon your return, we recommend improved ventilation for several hours.

What Steps Do I Need To Take To Protect My Baltimore Property From A Repeat Ant Infestation?

We suggest contacting our Baltimore extermination company to request your free ant inspection. This process takes several hours, which allows the exterminator enough time to collect the much-needed data for the treatment process. We suggest a custom pest management treatment to ensure the maximum results. We also welcome your input throughout the entire process.

You can choose from various pesticide formulas, including organic, chemical, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Again, ant infestations are extremely complex, which means they require a complex pest management strategy.

It is crucial to target the home’s pest barrier because it failed to keep the ants out. The pest barrier consists of walls, doors, windows, and floors that are supposed to keep insect, animal, and human intruders out. When the pest barrier fails, the home is at risk of pest infestation. To update the pest barrier, we suggest a waterproof sealant to fill in the tiny access points utilized by ants to invade your homes. Larger openings will require a more drastic approach. To learn more contact our exterminators in Baltimore.

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