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Professional Earwig Pest Control In Baltimore Maryland

Earwigs are a member of the Dermaptera order, which is characterized by a long, thin body with “cerci,” tiny pincers utilized in copulation, combat, and food-foraging. There is no doubt, the earwig is oftentimes mistaken for a centipede, both insects look like they are crawling on their abdomen like a snack. But, in fact, are walking on tiny legs. The centipede has up to 354 legs (177 pairs) while the earwig has six legs (three pairs) that have a “crooked” appearance.

The Dermaptera insect order has more than 900 different members, including the largest earwig species known as the Saint Helena giant. The Saint Helena giant earwig grows up to three inches in length. The earwig species is comprised of both wingless and winged insects, both of which never fly.

The earwig first came to light, thanks to a unique tale that claimed the insect was found in a human’s brain where it deposited eggs. Of course, the tale was never confirmed but this did not deter young children from continuously repeating the story to their friends.

Why Is My Baltimore Home An Earwig Target?

Earwigs target vulnerable buildings beginning in the late fall just in time for the upcoming winter season. After successful infiltration, the earwig immediately initiates a search for discrete, warm shelter. The insect is drawn to areas with extremely high humidity levels and low-light conditions. They can be found hiding underneath the bathroom and kitchen sink, crawlspaces, and basements.

Earwigs do not carry diseases but target household potted plants. The earwig is mostly viewed as a nuisance pest but is helpful in controlling the flea and dust mite population. Earwigs are oftentimes accompanied by other overwintering pests, such as the stinkbug, ladybug, and box elder bug.

Do Earwigs Transmit Diseases To Humans?

No, earwigs are more of a nuisance pest than a threat to human health. Victims need to monitor their potted plants carefully for damage caused by earwigs. Recent victims have reported substantial damage to their house plants linked to an earwig infestation.

What Is The Best Pest Control Approach To An Earwig Infestation?

Earwigs are not social insects, meaning they do not travel or live in colonies. The best place to start is around the perimeter of your home. We highly recommend making the exterior of your home less appealing to the earwig. You can do this by transitioning from mercury or neon vapor porch lighting to sodium vapor lighting with a yellow tone.

In addition to the above tip, we also recommend sealing all exterior-to-interior access points utilized by the earwig and other insect species to infiltrate your home. Small openings around doors, windows, garage doors, basement vents, utility lines, and damaged siding are more commonly utilized by the earwig because they are easy to access.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Baltimore Home To Perform The Earwig Inspection?

We need up to 48 hours to process a pest management inspection request. We recommend the immediate submission of your service request to avoid any potential delays. To learn more about our pest control services, do not hesitate to reach out to our Baltimore exterminators.

Is Earwig Pesticide Harmful To The Environment?

Our earwig pesticide collection consists of natural, organic, chemical, and non-toxic formulas, all of which are approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is an American federal government agency responsible for pesticide and insecticide oversight. The agency requires all manufacturers based in the United States or selling their pesticides to American consumers to submit an ingredient list with an explanation of why the ingredients are safe.

Manufacturers that do not comply with EPA guidelines are not legally permitted to sell their pest control products to American consumers. All of our pest control products are EPA-approved.

To further minimize the risk of exposure of pesticides to our clients, we only treat infested homes that are vacant.

What Pest Control Products And Measures Do I Need To Prevent A Repeat Earwig Infestation?

We believe our professional earwig prevention is more suitable for earwig infestations. Our prevent includes regular visual inspections with or without a customized pesticide/trap treatment. We also recommend updating your home’s vulnerable pest barrier by sealing access points utilized by earwigs and other insect species.

We also recommend correcting humidity in areas utilized as earwig hiding places.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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