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Professional Ladybug Control Baltimore Maryland

Ladybugs are thought to be an innocent insect species. While this description may be true to some degree, ladybugs are notorious for infiltrating commercial and residential buildings. The overwintering pest is driven to locate warm, discrete, and safe indoor shelters. If this is not possible, the ladybug will be forced to spend the winter season outdoors exposed to the elements.

The ladybug belongs to the Coccinellidae family, which consists of various beetle species. Scientists believe there are more than 5,000 ladybug species, 450 of which have reportedly been seen in North America.

Ladybug sightings in Baltimore are more commonly outside than inside. The indoor sightings were reported in the late fall, at which time the ladybug begins to prepare for overwintering, a dormant state similar to that of hibernation.

Ladybugs are a nuisance and helpful insects, as they infiltrate homes and help control the aphid population. Aphids are notorious for damaging industrial crops. Controlling the aphid and mealybug population helps farmers ensure the largest lettuce, sugarcane, alfalfa, honeydew, and grape yields.

Why Is My Baltimore Home Is Under A Ladybug Threat?

Ladybugs target vulnerable homes in the late fall in preparation for overwintering. Vulnerable homes have small gaps that are utilized as access points for ladybugs and other overwintering pests. Winter is harsh on overwintering pests, as they are in a dormant state.

Overwintering pests prefer spending the winter indoors where it is warm, dark, humid, and safe. Unfortunately, not all overwintering infiltration attempts are successful. In fact, most are not successful because the insect is caught in action or does not find a suitable access point. Whatever the case may be, ladybugs target all homes in Baltimore and beyond.

Do Ladybugs Spread Diseases To Humans?

There is no evidence that validates the ladybug “Asian Lady Beetle” as a disease-transmitting insect. Scientists claim the insect is only a nuisance, not a human health threat. However, industrial farmers find the insect helpful in controlling the aphid population. Aphids are a major problem for farmers and gardeners.

When injured or stressed, the ladybug produces a foul odor that many witnesses describe as “offensive.” After infiltration, ladybugs do not ingest food or reproduce, ruling out any risk of foodborne illness.

What Is The Best Ladybug Control Strategy That Does Not Pose Environmental Risks?

Our eco-friendly pest control is both effective and safe, as it does not contain pesticides. Out non-toxic and organic pesticide and insecticide formulas are also chemical-free, meaning they do not pose environmental risks. Our professional pest management only consists of products and methods that have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The federal agency has a big responsibility. This responsibility is no other than pesticide management in the United States.

Before a pesticide can enter the American market, it must be approved by the EPA. To get EPA approval for a pest control product, manufacturers must provide the agency with a list of ingredients and an explanation of why they are safe.

Does DIY Pest Control Offer Any Relief For Ladybug Infestations?

DIY pesticides and insecticides are low-strength formulas that are very limited. It requires at least three separate DIY pest control treatments to eradicate a handful of ladybugs. As far as an infestation goes, professional pest management is a necessity.

Contrary to belief, our professional extermination is affordable because it is flexible. We can customize a strategy specifically for your pest control needs and preferences.

When Will The Exterminator Be Available To Perform The Ladybug Inspection?

We will need between 24 and 48 hours to process your ladybug inspection request. Our customer support team works extended hours to ensure the fastest pest control response. If your ladybug problem needs immediate attention, please inquire about our same-day and emergency pest management services.

Should I Be Concerned About My Pets Being Exposed To Harmful Chemicals?

No, we refuse to initiate a pest control treatment in an occupied home or business. We request the family to vacate the home prior to each treatment. Clients or other household members with respiratory and chronic illnesses should remain out of the home for up to 24 hours after each treatment.

Our EPA-approved pest control products contain ingredients that may exacerbate asthma and COPD symptoms.

What Is The Best Ladybug Control Prevention Strategy?

Our professional ladybug prevention strategy includes routine inspections and targets the home’s vulnerable pest barrier. This involves removing all access points that lead from the exterior to the interior of your home. Access points are more commonly located around doors, windows, foundation vents, garage doors, dryer vents, and soffit.

More emphasis has been placed on pest control today than ever before, which is contributed to government public awareness campaigns.  These efforts are designed to bring awareness to Baltimore ladybug problems.

To learn more, please feel free to contact our local Baltimore office. Our pest control fees are affordable and competitive with other Baltimore extermination companies

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