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Some household pests are worse than others. You’ll find that mice, rats, and rodents ultimately rank at the top of the list. These pests are incredibly dangerous for several reasons. With that being said, you cannot ignore a rodent infestation. Doing so could make you sick before you know it. Rodents can be found across the United States, but the type depends on where you live. In Baltimore, there is a chance that you’re going to encounter house mice and deer mice. Although these species are similar, there are a few minute differences between them.

Before you can rectify the issue, identify the species. Once you’ve done that, getting rid of them will be quick and easy. House mice are hairless with pointed noses. They have large ears and protruding eyes. As for deer mice, they’re bi-colored. They have white bodies and undersides, but brownish backs and heads. Their tails are longer than other species.

Identifying A Rodent Infestation

Do you suspect that you’re dealing with a rodent infestation? Look for the following signs to find out what is wrong.

  • Check your home for rodent droppings
  • Rodent nests can be found in and around your home. They’re made of grass, twigs, and materials from your home
  • You’ll find scratches on your walls and food boxes
  • At night, you might be able to hear the mice running through your home

Appearance Of Mouse Droppings

To identify a rodent infestation, learn how to identify rodent droppings. Once you know how to identify rodent droppings, we’ll be able to confirm a rodent infestation rapidly. In general, rodents are going to leave droppings that range from three to six millimeters. They’re granular and resemble a piece of rice. Rodents can leave droppings throughout your home, but you’ll likely find them near breeding and nesting locations.

What Causes Rodent Infestations?

What would cause a rodent to sneak into your home? Well, rodents are commensal. As a result, they need to live with humans to survive. They live in residential dwellings so they can access food and water. They want to invade your home so they can survive. It doesn’t help that rodents can slip through the smallest gaps and cracks. If the hole is a quarter of an inch, mice will slip through and enter your home.

Rodent Dangers

You’re likely worried about the dangers associated with rodent infestations. Well, you should be worried. Rodents are incredibly dangerous. In fact, they’re one of the most dangerous pests on the planet. You cannot ignore this issue because you’re putting your loved ones at risk. When rodents invade your home, there is a risk that they’re going to spread Hantavirus, Lassa Fever, Rat-Bite Fever, and other serious illnesses to you and others. Rodents will contaminate your food with their urine and feces. As a result, you have to take steps to protect your loved ones.

Rodents constantly gnaw on objects to keep their front teeth short. They’ll chew on items throughout your home, including furniture, drywall, insulation, and more. Even worse is the fact that they’re going to chew through electrical wires. Unfortunately, this could lead to a house fire.

Primary Rodent Dangers

  • Once rodents have entered your home, they could contaminate your food
  • They can spread various illnesses, including salmonella and Hantavirus
  • Rodents will destroy your home and items in your home
  • Since they chew through electrical wires, they can increase the risk of an electrical fire

Dealing With A Rodent Infestation

Once you’ve found rodents in your home, learning how to deal with the problem swiftly is key. The only problem is that rodents aren’t easy to eliminate. You may want to consider using DIY methods, but you shouldn’t. Unfortunately, these methods are not safe or effective. If you use the wrong chemicals, the risks will be immense. Although you can try doing it on your own, we wouldn’t recommend it. The risks are too high. Instead, you’ll want to use our services. We offer safe rat and mice removal services. Plus, we’ll follow up with you in a few weeks to confirm that they’re gone.

When We’ll Begin

Schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. Someone from our company will contact you in 24 to 48 hours.

Our Rodent Treatments Are Safe

We understand that our clients want to protect the ones they love. Unfortunately, some exterminators use dangerous pesticides that need to be avoided. We would never do this. Even when we have to use conventional treatments, you can guarantee that we’ll keep you safe. We’ll use the precise amount to minimize the risks involved. Furthermore, we use EPA-registered products to fix the problem you’re facing. Our exterminators work diligently to keep you safe.

Preventing Rodents From Infesting Your Home

Can you stop rodents from entering your home? You can likely stop some of them, but you may not be able to stop them all. Nevertheless, you should put up a fight to keep rodents out of your home. For starters, you’ll want to purchase rodent-proofing materials. These products are installed around doorways and exterior walls. They’re great for stopping rodents and other pests from entering your home. In addition to this, you’ll want to keep your home clean and your grass mowed. If rodents can’t find food in your home, they’ll likely go elsewhere. Keep your food stored in tough containers that rodents can’t chew through.

Using heavy plastic, glass, or stainless steel containers will make a world of difference.

Tips For Stopping Rodent Infestations

  • Make sure that your home’s exterior walls are properly sealed. Deal with cracks and gaps.
  • Try to take your trash outside several times each day.
  • Store your food in airtight containers that rodents can’t chew through.
  • Clean up your messes quickly.

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