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Professional Beetle Control In Baltimore MD

The beetle species is comprised of a broad range of insects, including the ground, powder post, and longhorn beetles. Evidence shows thousands of beetle species in America alone. Each beetle species have physical characteristics that make them unique from others. Some are small while others are large, and the list goes on and on. Differentiating between the thousands of beetle species is generally left up to the experts. But, when average people encounter these insects, they need to know how to identify them. With a bit of research, Baltimore residents can do just that.

Why Is My Baltimore Home A Beetle Target?

Like many insect species, the beetle is drawn to decaying wood and wooden structures, such as fence posts, porches, decks, mailboxes, and abandoned buildings. If you have any of the aforementioned rotting structures on your property, this could explain why you are dealing with a beetle infestation. Beetles are also drawn to rotting downed trees and branches, firewood, lumber, and piles of leaves.

If beetles are infesting your home, it is probably because you unintentionally offered them an invitation. How is this even remotely possible? Well, every house, commercial building, government entity, and public facility has a physical barrier that keeps out insect and human intruders, as well as Mother Nature’s elements – dirt, debris, pollen, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and wind. Over the years, these barriers begin to wear down, resulting in vulnerabilities that permit the infiltration of insects, such as the beetle.

Do Beetles Pose Health Risks To Humans?

The beetle itself is harmful, as it does not transmit diseases to humans or animals. However, its feeding and traveling habits may very well put humans in danger. How? It all begins with the beetle’s travel behavior, which is along invisible highways where contamination runs rampant. Along the way, the beetle ingests and picks up contaminants that are later deposited in a food source or on surfaces utilized for food preparation. When humans consume the contaminated food, foodborne illness is almost always part of the outcome.

What Pest Management Route Should I Take To Get Rid Of My Beetle Infestation?

Baltimore consumers are provided with two pest management options – DIY and professional. DIY pest control consists of over-the-counter pesticides, insecticides, and traps, which work great in some cases. If you are not dealing with a full-blown beetle infestation, only a few beetles, the DIY pest control route may be the best course of action. However, these products will have little to no impact on a full-blown infestation.

Should I Invest In Over-The-Counter Pest Control Products?

Only if your beetle case involves a few beetles, which is the phase before the infestation process kicks in. DIY pesticides and insecticides are generally effective in exterminating a handful of beetles. Anything more should be left up to the experts. Our extermination team is conveniently located in the heart of Baltimore. We only employ the best exterminators in the Maryland pest control industry. What we mean by best is fully licensed, trained, knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in pest management.

DIY or over-the-counter pest control products are limited to low-strength formulas. Unlike our industrial-grade insecticides, DIY insecticides require multiple treatments just to get rid of a handful of beetles.

When Will The Exterminator Be Available For The Beetle Inspection?

In many cases, we need at least 24 hours to process a beetle inspection request. Other pest control service requests take up to 48 hours on a good day. It really depends on the season, as beetles are more active during the breeding season. Each adult female beetle can produce up to 100 eggs in her lifetime. She will survive through at least three breeding seasons.

Does Beetle Pest Control Cause Permanent Environmental Damage?

As environmentalists fight against climate change, exterminators are joining forces with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and pesticide manufacturers to minimize their carbon footprint. By only investing in EPA-approved pesticides and insecticides, we believe our carbon footprint will decrease significantly in a few years.

In addition to the EPA-approved pest control products, impacted homes and commercial buildings must be fully evacuated prior to each pesticide treatment. This measure protects our clients and their family members and pets from unnecessary exposure to the ingredients found in industrial-strength pest control products.

Is Professional Pest Management Expensive? Can I Afford It?

We believe every Baltimore resident can afford out professional pest control services. We strive to maintain low prices that are competitive with our Baltimore extermination companies. If your budget is limited, we suggest taking advantage of our free pest management consultation. During this meeting, the exterminator will inspect your home to determine if it is infested with beetles. And, if so, the severity of the beetle infestation. This data is crucial to determining the final cost of professional pest control.

We can customize a pest control package that is guaranteed to meet your budget and still exceed your beetle infestation needs.

Is It Possible To Fight Against A Repeat Beetle Infestation?

The beetle species is a Coleoptera, a group of insects that feature elytra, two front hard-shelled wing cases, which make them distinguishable from other pest species. Yes, it is possible to prevent a future beetle infestation but only if every household member is on board. We suggest starting the prevention process by sealing all gaps and holes that could be utilized by these and other tiny insects to infiltrate your home.

We also recommend removing all potential food sources. To do this, you will need to empty your household trash at least twice a day.

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