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Baltimore Professional Occasional Invader Control

An occasional invader is a group of insect species that occasionally invade buildings. The insects utilize access points, such as gaps, crevices, and other openings around soffits, eaves, foundation vents, doors, siding, and windows. After the infiltration, the insect immediately initiates a search for a suitable shelter. Most of the insect species that belong to the occasional invader group do not ingest food or reproduce after an invasion.

There are several reasons why occasional invaders find themselves indoors. One reason is a coincidence. Not all insect species are fond of the indoors, they just find themselves indoors during a food-foraging expedition. Another reason is overwintering. These insects prefer the indoors to outdoors during the winter season.

Some occasional invaders invade homes to avoid spending the hot summer months outdoors. These insects prefer cool, dark, damp areas to high temperatures and bright, hot sunlight. Insect species considered an occasional invader include the following:

Why Is My Baltimore Property Being Targeted By Occasional Invaders?

Not all occasional invaders are targeting homes. These insect species unintentionally end up indoors while searching for a new shelter, food source, and a suitable mate. There is no doubt, the occasional invader is intelligent, but manipulative, which is not all bad when you consider some insect species are aggressive, transmit diseases, and painful stings

Do Occasional Invaders Carry Diseases And Parasites?

No, these insects do not transmit diseases or parasites to animals or humans. These insects are considered a nuisance, not a health risk for humans or animals. The good news, occasional invaders do not ingest food or reproduce after a home invasion, reducing the risk of a full-blown infestation.

How Can I Get Rid Of Occasional Invaders Without Harming My Family?

This is a job that you do not need to tackle on your own. We recommend reaching out to our Baltimore exterminators for assistance. Our professional pest control can be altered to meet your occasional invader needs and preferences. In the meantime, we suggest an improved cleaning strategy, one that includes vacuuming and routine household waste disposal.

Vacuuming will remove live occasional invaders before they have time to find a hiding place. After each vacuuming, we recommend changing the debris bag and emptying it into an outdoor trash bin. This will free the insects back into their natural habitat.

Can I Schedule The Occasional Invader Inspection To Suit My Schedule?

Yes, we do not want to add frustration or confusion to an already frustrating situation. We allow our clients to schedule the pest inspection when they can be present. We encourage the full involvement of our clients and their family members. We welcome your input and will gladly alter our schedule to ensure the highest level of convenience across the industry.

Are My Pest In Danger Of Being Exposed To Harmful Pest Control Products?

No, we do not initiate pesticide or insecticide treatment in occupied homes. We suggest removing your children and pets from home several hours before and after treatment. Some animals are sensitive to the ingredients found in pest control products. In this case, we recommend keeping them out of the home for up to 24 hours following each pesticide treatment.

How Can I Protect My Baltimore Home From An Occasional Invader Infestation?

We suggest beginning with a conventional pest control strategy, which includes routine visual inspections with or without treatment. Occasional invader infestations are complex because they can involve multiple insect species. For example, the beetle may be targeting your home at the same time as the cluster fly and pillbug. Believe it or not, this is not that unusual. In fact, it is very common for these insect species to target the same home.

Our professional custom pest control is the only way to prevent pest infestations. We combine routine inspections with a custom treatment utilizing natural or chemical pesticides, traps, and visual inspections.

If you would like to learn more about our extermination services, do not hesitate to reach out to our Baltimore extermination team. Every member of our extermination team is fully insured, trained, and licensed.

  • Develop a routine household waste disposal regimen
  • Repair damaged pipes and faucets
  • Seal all access points with a waterproof sealant
  • Regularly inspect grocery bags before bringing them into your home

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