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Professional Carpenter Bee Control In Baltimore, Maryland!

The carpenter bee is what exterminators refer to as a “parasocial” insect. The adult female has a stinger while the male does not. Female and male carpenter bees sometimes pair to increase their population but not to infest properties. While rare, a carpenter bee infestation generally does not involve a large colony. Instead, it involves various nests that belong to different carpenter bee couples.

Differentiating between the female and male carpenter bee is very easy because their physical characteristics are different. The female is solid black while the male is black and orange. Both the male and female carpenter bee have a shiny black, hairless abdomen. The carpenter bee and bumblebee share many of the same physical characteristics that can create some confusion among inexperienced individuals. The main difference between these two flying insect species is the abdomen. As previously mentioned, the carpenter bee’s abdomen is hairless. The bumblebee, on the other hand, has an abdomen covered with fine hair.

Why Is My Baltimore Property Infested With Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees target properties with rotting wood, which is utilized for nesting. The insects bore tiny holes in the rotting wood to hide their nests. Unfortunately, the carpenter bees’ hard work does not always pay off. The woodpecker’s favorite food is carpenter bee larvae. In fact, the bird will do whatever is necessary to access the carpenter bee larvae, even if it means pecking nonstop for days.

Carpenter bees generally do not cause structural damage other than a few bored-holes. The woodpecker, on the other hand, causes significant damage to the wood structure in addition to the bored holes.

Do Carpenter Bees Spread Diseases Through Stings?

No, only the female has a stinging capability, which she rarely puts to use. People with bee allergies may experience a serious allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis if stung by a carpenter bee. Thanks to the female’s timid nature, stings are extremely rare, even in cases where humans and pets near the nest.

The male and female carpenter bee will defend their nest in other ways. Instead of stinging, the couple will dart toward what is believed to be a predator as a safety mechanism.

The female is venomous, so an allergic reaction is expected due to a bee sting.

How Can I Safely Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees?

We do not recommend inexperienced individuals to attempt a carpenter bee exterminator or nest removal. We utilize safety equipment to eradicate carpenter bees before approaching the nest. Instead of removing nests buried deep in bored holes, we suggest the removal of the decaying wood. If you refuse to go this route, a new carpenter bee couple will return the upcoming breeding season.

If you are not aware, carpenter bees utilize the same nest breeding season after breeding season.

Should I Attempt A DIY Extermination For Carpenter Bees?

No, carpenter bees pose dangerous for anyone who approaches their nest. Even if you mean no harm, the carpenter bees will view you as a predator. Carpenter bee stings are painful with the tendency to cause a mild to a severe allergic reaction.

Do Carpenter Bee Pesticides Post Human Health Risks?

No, as long as the family is not present during treatment. We recommend evacuation prior to after each treatment. Household members with respiratory disorders and chronic illnesses are asked to remain out of the home for at least 24 hours after each treatment is initiated.

When Can I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive At My Baltimore Home To Perform The Inspection?

We can have your carpenter bee inspection request processed within 24 and 48 hours. We will contact you regarding an appointment when your service request is fully processed. You can choose an appointment date that will fit your schedule. If you work an extended schedule, we will gladly perform the inspection while you are away from the home. Please inquire about our same-day and emergency carpenter bee control services as well.

Our professional pest management is flexible, which means it can be customized to meet your extermination needs and preferences. If you are concerned about cost, we recommend a consultation. Our pest control consultations are free to all Baltimore residents via appointment only. Our consultation includes a quote or estimates to ensure there are no surprises.

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