What Tourists Need To Know About Baltimore MD

Do you have a Baltimore MD vacation planned this summer? There is a chance that you have never visited this city before, which means you need to start getting prepared for your trip. Baltimore is located near Washington, DC so many tourists will often travel back and forth between the two states. If you are a fan of the Star-Spangled Banner, then you are familiar with Francis Scott Key. This historical icon composed the lyrics for this song in Baltimore.

Fells Point

One of the most popular nightspots in Fells Point. Many visitors have put Fells Point on the same level as Italy, but only smaller. Here, you will find a variety of pubs and restaurants, with all different types of delicious menus for you and your family to choose from.

South Baltimore

South Baltimore is often classified as a blue-color neighborhood. This area is always changing, but the locals are accepting these changes gracefully. If you enjoy barhopping and munching down on delicious foods, you will definitely want to visit South Baltimore.

Maryland Zoo

If you have small children in your group, they will love the Maryland Zoo. This very popular zoo is filled with some of the most exotic animals. There are over 1,500 wild animals packed into this zoo, but their environments are roomy and well kept. Visitors will get the opportunity to get an up-close and personal look at how these animals live from day today. There are also private tours available for the Penguin Coast exhibit. The tour lasts about 30 minutes, so be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, because you will be doing a bit of walking.

 John Waters

The famous John Waters has directed and filmed several movies in Baltimore. Waters always felt that the Baltimoreans had the most bizarre culture, which is actually what drawn him to the city. Although, Waters’ movies were a little on the gory side movie fans around the world lined up at the ticket booth every weekend. Hairspray, Pecker, and Crybaby are only to name a few of the movies that were filmed in the city.

Baltimore Visitor Center

If you have never visited Baltimore before, you will need to schedule a trip to the Baltimore Visitor Center. The center offers assistance to all tourists, with brochures and recommendations. Open 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm, the staff will guide you through the city and provide you with a detailed map for you to take along on your travels.