How Bed Bug Exterminators Deal With Infestations

Over the past few years, bed bugs are starting to show up more and more throughout home across the world. It was only a few decades ago that you hardly ever heard about a bed bug infestation. Now it seems like every time you turn around you are hearing about a home or hotel being infested with bed bugs. While these critters are not known to carry any infectious diseases it is possible that their bites can become infected. Along with this some people obsessed with the fact that their homes are infested and they have complete mental breakdowns that cause them to loose days and days of sleep.

This is why it is important that you know and understand the ways that professional companies treat bed bugs. Below you will learn about how bed bug exterminators in Baltimore MD deal with bed bugs.

Whole Room Heat Treatment

Whole room heat treatment has become a very popular treatment method, when it comes to eradicating bed bugs. This method involves a company coming out to your home and setting up specialized heat equipment for the purpose of raising the temperature in your home. Once the temperature in your reaches 118 degrees Fahrenheit or above it will kill out all forms of bed bugs after 90 minutes.

During a treatment like this you may be required to remove kids, pets, and other items that might melt from the home. During the process specially designed thermostats will be place throughout the home to ensure that each section of the home is reaching the desired temperature. A treatment method like this usually takes around six to eight hours and you will probably have to evacuate the home while the treatment is taking place.

Using Insecticides To Treat Bed Bugs

Insecticide treatment is another popular method of dealing with bed bugs. However, if you choose to go down this road it is imperative that you make sure the company three different types of insecticides. This will ensure that you are getting the best treatment possible.

The first insecticide that should be used will be a fast-acting agent, which is placed on surfaces that are commonly touched by humans. The second type of insecticide that the company should use will be a residual agent that is place on the cracks and crevices throughout the infected areas. The last insecticide should be a dust insecticide that will be placed on electrical outlets.

Interceptors And Portable Monitors To Kill Bed Bugs


Most of the interceptors and portable monitors are used as detection methods to determine which areas of the home are infected. Both of the devices are extremely popular and effective. Portable monitors will be equipped with a chemical spray that attracts the bugs into a trap. These monitors are a bit more expensive than interceptors because they are newer to the market.

Interceptors on the other hand are device that are placed under the legs of beds, sofas, and other furniture. They are almost like a moat-style device that is lined with talcum powder.

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