Tips For Finding The Best Bed Bug Exterminator

As a homeowner, it will be your responsible to solve problems around and within your property. This is undoubtedly easier said and done sometimes. Some problems, such as a bug infestation, can truly cause immense turmoil and will turn your entire life upside down. When you’ve discovered bedbugs inside of your home, you’ll have no choice, but to make contact with a professional as quickly as possible. How do you know you’re getting the best deal possible? How can you tell whether or not the exterminator is worth your money? Continue reading below to find out!


Background Research

When attempting to find the best bed bug exterminator in Baltimore, it is undoubtedly true that the company’s background will prove to be very important. If the company has been shady and has been accused of behaving badly in the past, it is highly likely that they’ll behave badly in the future. With this in mind, it is essential to take the time to research the exterminator’s background and do your best to avoid untrustworthy companies. This will help to dramatically decrease the chances of problems.



Initially, you might think it will be a good idea to choose the lowest priced exterminator possible. This will save you money, but it could potentially result in major problems. Price can be very deceptive and could cause you to make a mistake. Be cautious and consider all factors, before settling for the lower price possible.


BBB Rating

Another good thing to check before making your choice is the exterminator’s BBB rating. This can tell you immediately whether or not the company will be worth your money. The BBB keeps track of companies and their past performances. If the company has tons of complaints, you can guarantee something is terribly wrong. Steer clear of companies that have bad ratings.



The state of Baltimore puts measures in place to protect consumers from shady companies. One way they do this is by forcing exterminators to obtain licenses, before they serve the local residents. If an exterminator doesn’t have a license, you should be very cautious! Check the company’s licensure status on the government’s website and only do business with the company, if their license is valid.



It is also essential to check the company’s insurance. Insurance is truly more important than price or any other factor. If a technician damages your home or happens to become injured, you will be responsible for the costs, unless the exterminator is insured. If the exterminator has the appropriate insurance, you won’t be required to pay for anything and any damages your home sustains will be paid for! Request proof of insurance and consider contacting the insurance company directly to confirm it for yourself.


Direct Contact

And of course, it is vital to make direct contact with the exterminator. During the initial contact you should gauge the exterminator and their performance. Do they treat you with the utmost respect? If not, you’ll want to go elsewhere. The exterminator should make you feel comfortable and reassured that they’ll get the job done right and on time!

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