Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Bedbugs are problematic and sneaky. Are you worried that your home might have a bedbug infestation? If so, you need to work diligently to identify the infestation. As long as you know where to look, you’ll likely be able to solve the problem on your own. Bedbugs rarely grow larger than a quarter of an inch, so spotting them won’t be easy. Below, you’ll find out about the places where bedbugs will hide in your home.

Most Common Hiding Spots

First and foremost, you’ll want to check out the most common hiding spots for bedbugs.


If you’re checking your home for bedbugs, start with your mattress and box spring. Ultimately, the majority of bedbugs in an infestation will live in the mattress. They stay close to your sleeping quarters, so they’ll know when they can come out and eat. When your body releases heat and CO2, the bedbugs will be ready to feast on your blood.

Bed Frames

Bedbugs can hide in the cracks in bed frames. They’re often the same color, so they’ll be difficult to spot. When the infestation gets larger, more of the bedbugs will begin living on the bed frame. There won’t be enough room on the mattress. As a result, they’ll spread to the bed frame.


Bedbugs can also live in your bedclothes and sheets. Thankfully, they’re easier to identify when they’re crawling on your sheets and covers. They don’t blend in as well with pillowcases and quilts. Once you’ve found them on these things, call us and let us fix the problem.


When the infestation gets bigger, bedbugs will need to spread out and hide elsewhere. Many of them will hide in the fibers of the carpets or rugs in your bedroom. They’re small enough to slip through the cracks and hide there until the lights go out.


Finally, you’ll need to check the furniture throughout your home. Furniture offers excellent hiding places for bedbugs. They can hide behind the pillows and between the cushions. Plus, the furniture has many cracks and crevices. It doesn’t stop there either. They’ll live under the furniture too. These are the most common bedbug hiding places, but it doesn’t end there.

Other Places Bedbugs Hide

Ultimately, bedbugs can hide almost anywhere in your home. Below, you’ll find out more about some of the odd places bedbugs hide.


If you suspect that you have bedbugs, you need to check your luggage. Bedbugs can live in your luggage at any point. However, they primarily live in luggage once you’ve returned from a vacation. If the motel had bedbugs, your luggage will likely have bedbugs too.

Decorations On Your Walls

You cannot ignore the decorations hanging on your walls because bedbugs can hide in these items. Bedbugs will climb the walls and hide behind the canvas and paintings. You’ll need to remove them from the walls to see if bedbugs are hiding behind them.

Your Books

Some people like reading at night. Once they’ve finished, they’ll put the book on the nightstand next to their bed. Books have many excellent hiding spots, including the gap between the binding and spine. Bedbugs will also hide behind the protective book cover.


Bedbugs can hide in the electronic devices in your home. Those devices have small gaps that bedbugs can use to sneak inside. In addition to this, electronics are warm and close to your bed. As a result, they’re great places for bedbugs to hide. They prefer electronics close to your bed, including your clock and television.


Finally, you’ll need to look at the nightstand in your bedroom. Bedbugs can hide in the cracks, corners, and drawers. They can hide at the bottom of the nightstand too. You might like storing some of your belongings under your bed. Doing so is a good way to store your items and get them out of the way. Just remember that bedbugs can hide in the boxes. When you find bedbugs in your dwelling, call us.

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